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Star Wars: Dark Forces
Dark Forces is LucasArts’ first attempt to enter the 1st person shooter market. Instead of licensing the Doom engine the company created its own which has more 3D elements than ID Software’s with the ability to look up and down and to jump and crouch.
The game is set in the familiar Star Wars universe and contains almost all of the Imperial stuff such as stormtroopers officers and droids.
There are 14 huge levels to complete in the original version. Several animated cutscenes appear between the missions to develop the story. There is no multiplayer mode.

System: 386 or equivalent RAM: 8 MB Hard Drive Space: 4 MB

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Star Wars: Battlefront II
Genre : Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter
Star Wars Battlefront II takes the best-selling Star Wars video game of all time one Imperial-walker step forward with all-new space combat, playable Jedi, and never-before-seen environments straight out of the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith film. Fans of the original Star Wars Battlefront will also enjoy an all-new single-player experience that takes players through an epic, story-based saga where every action the player takes impacts the battlefront and, ultimately, the fate of the Star Wars galaxy. Critically acclaimed Pandemic Studios is once again developing the game for LucasArts.

COMPUTER: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer required. OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2000/XP required. CPU: Intel P4 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500 or faster required. MEMORY: 256 MB RAM or higher required. GRAPHICS CARD: 64 MB 3D Graphics card with Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability SOUND CARD: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card required. CD-ROM: 8X Speed CD-ROM drive or faster required. INPUT DEVICE: Keyboard and mouse required. Joystick or gamepad supported. CONNECTIVITY REQUIREMENTS: DSL Cable or faster connection required for Multiplayer. DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c is included on this CD. NOTE: DirectX may require the “latest” drivers for your particular hardware. INSTALLATION: 3.2 GB of free hard drive space required. We recommend that you have an additional 200 MB of free space available after installation. SUPPORTED CHIPSETS ATI Radeon 8500/9000/9200 family ATI Radeon 9500/9600/9700/9800 family ATI Radeon X300/X600/X700/X800/X850 family NVIDIA GeForce3 family NVIDIA GeForce4 family excluding the GeForce4 MX NVIDIA GeForce FX family NVIDIA GeForce 6 family NVIDIA GeForce 7 family

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Star Wars: Battlefront
Genre: Action / Shooter / 3D / 1st Person
Star Wars Battlefront – sci-fi action, give you the opportunity to participate in the events of the famous series Star Wars. But such spectacular battles, as in the Battlefront was not. You can serve in combat for any of the 4 fractions. You will have about 20 different types of soldiers, with their characteristics and abilities, more than 30 weapons and 25 units of various air and ground vehicles. There is a choice of 3 game modes: Instant battle, Galactic Conquest and Historical Company. The companies you will visit almost all the planets of 1-4 episodes. It is possible to play from the 1 and the third person. High-quality graphics and rich multiplayer will please all fans of Star Wars.

• In battles you can play for any of the four factions. At your disposal will be about 20 different types of soldiers with unique characteristics and abilities, more than 30 weapons and 25 units of various air and ground vehicles.
• The plot includes events of all six parts of the film. Added 12 new locations, mostly from Episode III, including volcanic Mustafar and the star fight about Kuruskanta. You will visit the Death Star, and his eyes see assault ship Princess Leia from Star Wars Episode IV.
• High-quality graphics and rich game world at the event will delight all fans of Star Wars. In addition, fans of the first part of the series will appreciate the storyline of a single pass. As usual, your actions affect the entire history of the Galaxy!

Operating System: Windows 98SE Millennium Edition (ME) 2000 or XP 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer CPU: Intel P3 1.0GHz or AMD Athlon 1000MHz Memory: 256MB RAM Graphics Card: 64MB 3D Graphics card w/Hardware Transform & Lighting (T&L) Capability Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard CD Drive: 8X Speed CD-ROM drive Input Device: Keyboard & Mouse

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Sports Season 2 [Xbox 360]
A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME: Kinect Sports: Season Two features six full, new, team-based and individual sports — tennis, golf, American football, baseball, skiing and darts — with unique challenges and activities for each. With three difficulty levels ranging from rookie to champion, you can choose to hone your skills in a full-length game or just have instant fun with your friends and family in a Quick Play session — no setup required!
NEW WAYS TO PLAY: As you experience each new sport, you’ll see and feel the latest advancements in the revolutionary Kinect technology at work. Whether you’re calling an audible in American football using in-game voice commands, or crouching down to get a detailed read of the green in golf, Kinect Sports: Season Two showcases the intuitive gameplay and effortless immersion that only Kinect can deliver.

ANY TIME IS GAME TIME: Can’t seem to find the perfect time to meet in person? Kinect Sports: Season Two lets you send a challenge for later. Get personal in a one-on-one showdown with your family, or send a challenge for your friends to tackle when they jump on Xbox Live later.
BRING YOUR A-GAME: Kinect Sports: Season Two is the ultimate party experience for friends and family of all skill levels; it also rewards those who want to take their game to the next level. With new Achievements, exciting activities and unlockable avatar awards, every player of every skill will find something to challenge and enthrall them.
ONE FOR THE HIGHLIGHT REEL: Log onto to download photos and videos captured in-game, and share them with your family and friends – and now, for the first time, post your sporting triumphs directly to your Facebook wall!
DOING IT FOR THE FANS: The only way is up! Every victory adds to your fan base, giving you the chance to see legions of new supporters beat a path to your door. Compare your fan-following with your friends’ to find out who’s the true sports star! And if you’ve played Kinect Sports, your fans are just waiting to make the journey into Kinect Sports: Season Two and support you in all the new sports.
GO PRO ON XBOX LIVE: Through the power of the biggest gaming and social entertainment network connected to the TV, Xbox LIVE opens the playing field to the world. Kinect Sports: Season Two encourages you to connect and compete with friends and family no matter where they are in the world, as well as test your skills against millions of Xbox Live members.

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Sports Island Freedom [Xbox 360]
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed it will be releasing a Kinect exclusive version of HUDSON SOFT’s Sports Island for Xbox 360 later this year. Provisionally entitled Sports Island Freedom, the sports compilation will allow users unrivalled control within its ten events.
Sports Island Freedom marks HUDSON SOFT’s first use of the Kinect technology, and boasts ten new sporting events designed especially for motion-control system. Players will compete in specially-created games of Tennis, Boxing, Archery, Paint Ball, Beach Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Kendo, Mogul Skiing, Snowboard Cross and Figure Skating – each of which enjoys a bespoke control system.

Sports Island Freedom makes full advantage of Kinect’s advanced technology and allows gamers to compete controller-free against friends and family, and even online against decathletes around the world. Players can use their Xbox 360 Avatar as their in-game athlete, and their movements are tracked in-game. Sports Island Freedom is a fun title that delivers the accessible experience of the original HUDSON SOFT title, but adds additional depth with exciting next-generation gameplay.